In February 2020, I enrolled in a Web Developer Bootcamp . My life pre-bootcamp could be painted as a full-on humanities, right-brained bonanza of art, literature, and language. Although I had no prior experience in coding nor in STEM, I did have a fulfilling yet arduous decade+ experience learning a French as a second language. Now, having graduated from Nashville Software School and reflecting on my coding journey, I realize how many parallels exist between learning to code and learning to speak French as an adult.

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Here’s a list of parallels between programming and second language acquisition I’ve found during my…

Coding and emotions? These two subjects are hardly coupled (coding pun intended!) in an article nor a conversation related to Software Development. However, while recently learning Java and Kotlin from online tutorials, I was strongly reminded of the unique back-and-forth experience of feeling frustration and elation while coding as expressed below:

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The back and forth between frustration with errors and jubilation when the code works.

To be clear, the frustration of programming is more often felt than elation. Yet, once I see the magic of code compiling correctly, the elation and excitement is unlike other joy I’ve felt. …

Recently, GitHub launched a brand new “secret feature” : a file for your GitHub profile…a feature that brought me back some nostalgia of editing my MySpace profile or beautifying my blog back in 2010. It’s fun and very easy to get started. Here are the steps I took to make mine “pretty” in no time, and I’d thought I’d share what I found…

Step 1 : Make a repository with the same name as your GitHub username.

In order for this to work, you *must* use the exact spelling, punctuation, etc. of your username, e.g. see below. (I did this just as an example, mine was already created, hence the alert). Just copy and paste your username to make sure there are no errors. You will automatically get a message from GitHub saying you “Found a secret!” which feels like you are part of a cute, elite nerd crowd 🤓. …


Sarah Hart Landolt

Newly minted Software Developer, Abstract Artist and former French Teacher.

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